Dear women of the world — please travel

We as woman are constantly doubting ourselves or failing to realize the strengths in our own abilities — leading to insecurities and poor-self esteem, but there is nothing more rewarding than jumping out of your comfort zone and watching yourself thrive.


Muslimah’s don’t need Dolce and Gabbana to validate them

Muslim fashion and Muslim women should not have to be validated by Western fashion labels to be considered beautiful or stylish.

Why I’m Sick of Seeing Your #Wanderlust Photos

American culture glorifies the buzzword “wanderlust” and consequently misconstrues it into some Tumblr-esque sensation involving enviable Instagram photos and Snapchats with noteworthy geofilters.

You CAN afford to travel – you just don’t want to

Yes, I said it. And I stand by it — despite how cringeworthy that sentence alone may be to those who claim to love travel or want to travel, but hide behind the cloak of affordability to justify the lack of stamps on their passport – the people who brush off travel as a luxury…

The 21 questions I was asked as an American in Europe

After arriving in Europe, I was expecting more of a culture shock than I had received. Sure the roads looked smaller, and the people spoke French, but in my eyes, there was not too much more to figure out. A month later, I discovered that despite the similarities, Europe is a completely different world altogether…

The 20 most important things I’ve learned at 20

At the ripe young age of 20 years old, its quite impossible for me to say that I’ve experienced even a fraction of the things in life that I have planned – and the reality of which I am fully aware is that the experiences I am so desperately searching for are often those that…

It’s perfectly normal to be scared of ‘FOMO’ – here’s why.

Posted 35 minutes ago to Instagram: a selfie of your friend with what appears to be a pristine, clear-blue water beach in the background. Her hair is in seamless waves and you can see the reflection of the perfectly ivory-colored sand in her sunglasses. The caption? “You wish you were here.”

Why having a “sweetheart” complex isn’t as pleasant as it sounds

At five-foot-two I stand barely tall enough to reach the overhead cabinets or close the microwave door. “I’m tiny, but fierce,” I say, to justify myself when I receive yet another “I didn’t know you were so short” comment. My wardrobe is full of dresses, full of pink, full of skirts, dainty jewelry – girlishness…

What you should know before guessing my race

If there was one question I’ve never been fonder of answering, it would be the one I receive on daily basis from complete strangers. The waiting for my coffee, trying to make conversation question. The “I bet I’ve got you all figured out” question. The question that precedes an immediate, “no wait, let me guess”…