Writing, art, and anything else that makes you feel alive

I craft words.

I string them together and weave them into sentences until my fingers ache from stroking the keys or until the side of my left hand is covered in smeared ink from the rough motion of the way I move my pen across the paper.Image

I sculpt these words until they are able to say what I myself could not articulate out loud. I find solace in the sound of the tapping of the keyboard- for then I know I am creating something to be heard. To be read. I paint ideas with my words, and the paint never runs out. My canvas is never perfect, but it is never empty.

I find beauty in the idea that you can take any combination of the same 26 letters and create a literary masterpiece. Those same 26 letters we use to write our names, to write letters, to send texts, and in grand occurrences- to win Pulitzer prizes. I’m asked why I write, and I say it’s what drives me. The words steer my ideas, and there is nothing like the rush of typing out a clear stream of thoughts, eagerly anticipating putting your ideas out there for the world. Because that is the true reason I write. To share my ideas and maybe one day change the world with them.

I often feel as though our society is plagued by a lack of sincere motivation. Those who fall victim to that plague, especially in my generation, have nothing that captures them from the collars of their shirts and tells them “go!” And not that they need to find it now- they have Imagetheir whole lives to find it. But we live in a world where everything has structure in purpose. You go school so you can go to college to get a job to have money to have a family- and this idea is hammered into our skulls until our dying day. Somehow lost in that sequence is the notion that everyone should have something that compels them to move forward, to grant them a sense of fulfillment and make them believe as though they are doing good for the world.

Too often the motivation is money- and the idea that money is center of success is what we have created in our capitalist world which values money more than thoughts, ideas, or happiness. Our talents and hobbies shouldn’t be put on the backburner while we try and fill our pockets- instead they should be embraced and treasured as the powerful tools that they are. Whether you like to draw, travel, play music- whatever it is- embrace it- and maybe you’ll motivate someone to follow their dreams as well.


So here I am- clicking away at my keyboard hoping someone will hear me. I write because I hope the words on the page resonate with someone enough to agree with me, or even disagree. I write to inspire those I know, and often those I don’t know to do something, to think about something in a different way, and to see life beyond its surface value. Because that should be a goal of everyone’s shouldn’t it? To create something so powerful that it inspires others?


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