About this blog


I’m a millenial story teller, traveller and creative soul who crafts together words and ideas.

I string them together and weave them into sentences until my fingers ache from stroking the keys or until the side of my left hand is covered in smeared ink from the rough motion of the way I move my pen across the paper.

I sculpt these words until they are able to say what I myself could not articulate out loud. I’m asked why I write, and I say it’s what drives me. The words steer my ideas, and there is nothing like the rush of typing out a clear stream of thoughts, eagerly anticipating putting your ideas out there for the world. Because that is the true reason I write: to share my ideas and maybe one day change the world with them.

A culmination of my opinions, experiences and creative rants, this blog is a collection of articles that have to do either with issues that college students face, or issues in society that I feel need to be addressed- occasionally those tend to overlap.

Welcome to my blog.

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