Writing, art, and anything else that makes you feel alive

I craft words. I string them together and weave them into sentences until my fingers ache from stroking the keys or until the side of my left hand is covered in smeared ink from the rough motion of the way I move my pen across the paper.

Generation Y-not?

What can be said about my generation lies somewhere in the spectrum between comedic and pathetic, and I’m starting to think people have the assumption it is the latter.

Aerie, “weight shaming”, and how those two are related

As I was scrolling down my  Facebook news feed I happen to run into a promotional video about the lingerie company Aerie’s new campaign, which if you haven’t heard already is a campaign devoted to unmasking the beauty of real women through featuring women in their advertisements plus the curves and minus the photo shop.

Why social media feeds into our desire to be “liked”

Suppressed in the back of my mind are the memories of a frizzy haired little thirteen year old girl with mounds of cheap makeup and American Eagle clothing. I often look back at it now, and ask myself “why did people hate me so much as to let me leave the house looking like that?”